Reliability, Education and Experience

Cotuit Solar is an experienced group of unique individuals who are passionate about helping others learn about and understand renewable energy.  Our goal is to educate you on the financial and societal benefits of conserving resources, reducing environmental impacts, and gaining energy independence.  That way you can weave renewable energy into your life in a way that makes the most sense.   

We believe that small actions by many people are the means to a sustainable future.  

Whether that means helping a family convert to a self reliant off grid lifestyle, installing a Photovoltaic (PV) solar array,  building a pole barn or parking canopy with solar, looking at electric vehicle choices, mini-splits, heated clothing –  we want to help you take action.

Cotuit Solar was founded in 1988, making it the oldest and most experienced local installer.

We are a family-run business with a family mentality.  Instead of selling services, we build relationships that hopefully assist you in making the most informed decision about how going solar is the right choice for you.   Some people want lots of information with a more hands on approach and others want only the bottom line without too much interaction.  

We are here to help make the decision to go solar an easy one.  

We are a full service company that offers in house design, engineering, financing, installation, monitoring, and maintenance service.  When you choose Cotuit Solar, however, what you get in return is not only a solar installation, but the expertise, philosophies, dedication and true passion of the team.  

It’s The People That Power Cotuit Solar!


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