Go Solar THIS YEAR and SAVE!

Don’t miss out on the full 30% Federal Tax Credit!


*What is the 30% Federal Tax Credit?

The ITC(Investment Tax Credit) was established in 2005 by the Energy Policy Act. There have been a series of extensions which have allowed it to stay in place until 2021.
You can claim 30% of the total solar system cost for residential & commercial projects.This percentage is scheduled to decrease incrementally until 2021.


*Who can claim the tax credit?

Residential & Commercial solar projects are eligible. As long as you own (not lease) your solar system, you are eligible for the ITC.
If you do not have enough tax liability to claim the entire credit for one year, you can roll over the remaining credits into future years.
Your system must be installed in 2019 to claim the full 30% credit.


*How much will the tax credit decrease over the next few years?

Systems installed in 2020 will receive a 26% tax credit.
Systems installed in 2021 can claim a 22% tax credit.
Systems installed in 2022 and after will be able to claim a 10% tax credit.


If I already have solar installed, can I add to my existing system and get the 30% tax credit?  

Yes! You may install additional solar and still receive the tax credit for the additional system cost.

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