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How Solar Works

The PV (Photovoltaic) modules, or solar panels (1) capture the sun’s energy as DC power and the inverter changes that to AC power. The inverter (2) then sends the electricity to your home (3).  These electricity producing solar energy systems are typically grid tied or net metered, (4) which means they run your meter backward and feed electricity back (5) into the grid when there is excess production.  The installation seamlessly connects into your home or business power supply, reducing or possibly eliminating charges  on your electric bill. 


Going Solar with Cotuit Solar

There are 3 main phases to the entire installation process, and we are with you every step of the way:

1. Get an Estimate

2. Contract to Installation

3. Post Installation


Call Us & Get a Free Estimate

Call us at 508-428-8442 or fill out our online form. Send us a copy of your electric bill and we will put together a general solar estimate for you to review. We can also provide information about the Solar Loan, upon request.

Schedule a Site Evaluation

The site evaluation is free and takes about an hour.  We will measure your roof, assess shading, pitch, orientation, and electrical capability to determine the best system for your needs.

You Receive a Formal Proposal

We utilize the data collected during the site evaluation to prepare the formal proposal.  Once you receive and review the proposal we’ll set up a call to discuss it in detail.  We’re here to help every step of the way!


Go Solar!

Once you decide to go solar we will send you the WELCOME EMAIL with all the necessary paperwork including the contract to get the ball rolling.


After you send us the signed contract along with the $1500 deposit, we then file the necessary approval applications.

We Get Busy!

We file applications with your town building department, historic district boards when required and your utility (Eversource or National Grid).  Approvals take about 4 -6 weeks.

One Step Closer!

Once we have the required permissions to proceed we will contact you two weeks prior to installation and firm up your installation date.  You make your second payment = 70%.

Rock & Roll!

Installation takes between 1 – 3 days depending on factors such as weather and size of system. 



Electrical:  We will coordinate with you and the town inspector. The inspector will need to sign the Certificate of Completion which will be on site and returned to Cotuit Solar.
Building:  We will request a final building inspection. Typically you do not need to be present.

Meter Swap!

We submit the final paperwork to Eversource or National Grid in order for them to swap your current meter with a net meter. The net meter runs backward and feeds power back to the grid.


Eversource or National Grid will send us the PTO (Permission to Operate) letter. We will walk you through turning on the system either by phone or in person. Your final payment is due.

Done Deal!

Congratulations on going solar! We have enjoyed working with you.

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Component Specifications & Warranties


With more than 50 years of experience as a global pioneer in electronics technology, LG Electronics stands ready to harness the power of the sun for you. Backed by 25 years of intense research and development far surpassing industry standards, LG Solar’s photovoltaic modules are uniquely designed to offer the superior quality, field tested performance, durability and reliability customers the world over have come to expect from LG.

Based on our experience over the past 23 years, S-Energy’s PV module has proven to be the most reliable, durable and sustainable product.


Canadian Solar is here to make a positive difference to the environment and society as a whole. We do this by providing exceptional solar products and services that meet the specific needs of customers, employees, partners and investors. Besides serving as a leading manufacturer of solar PV modules and provider of solar energy solutions, Canadian Solar has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale power projects.


The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly efficient PV inverters and a Web platform for module-level monitoring and fault detection. The SolarEdge system enables harvesting more solar power from any PV system by effectively removing the known system constraints across the photovoltaic energy space.


Enphase Microinverters get more power from the same solar panels. This means greater savings for you, and greater environmental impact. Each microinverter connects to a single solar panel so, unlike other types of inverters, if there is a dirty, shaded or problem panel, the rest of the system keeps running smoothly.

Pathway to Happiness & Net Zero Fossil Fuel:

Energy efficiency is always the first step when considering a solar installation. Here at Cotuit Solar we believe in a two-step sustainable integrated solution. First, reduce the energy demands of your home beginning with a free energy audit. Second, install a solar PV system. This approach will lead to long term energy security and energy independence for you and your family. We care about your carbon footprint and your bottom line.

There are several easy steps you can take to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint:

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