A recent article in Wired on 7/29/22, After Going Solar, I Felt the Bliss of Sudden Abundance piqued my curiosity and my sense of humor.  The author talked about how cranky he used to be when those around him would use electricity in a wasteful manner.  Now that he installed solar panels for his home, he is gleefully turning on all the lights and cranking down the temperature on his AC to a delightful 70 degrees knowing that renewable energy is inexhaustible and abundant.

While we don’t encourage wasteful use of electricity, we do encourage everyone to at least consider a solar system with its many economic and environmental benefits. Our team has long held the belief that small actions by many are the means to a sustainable future.  We are a small local shop dedicated to serving you to make your renewable dreams come true so you too can happily feel the “bliss of sudden abundance.”  Give us a call today.

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