Protect our Solar Jobs & Climate

We can make a difference. We know solar works, we know it helps the climate and it helps consumers gain energy independence. The net metering program make it possible for energy consumers to go solar. Here in Massachusetts it’s facing another challenge. But we can make a difference.

From the Vote Solar Organization: “This restriction on solar participation is putting solar out of reach for customers across the state, particularly renters and low-income families who have the most to benefit from healthy, bill-saving, job creating solar energy. And adding insult to injury, solar rights were dealt another blow when utility regulators rubber-stamped an unfair new tax that will hike bills for future solar customers of the Commonwealth’s largest utility, Eversource.”What can we do? To start, take action here:

Here is a heavy, but important article about lawyer, David Buckle taking extreme action:

If you’re interested in more information, please visit the Vote Solar website:

All the best, 

The Cotuit Solar Team



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