Happy Summer 

Wow, 2018 is flying by, summer is upon us and the sun is shining! Welcome to the summer edition of our biannual solar newsletter. We hope you find it helpful and informative. As always, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know if there is a topic you’d like covered – we’re here for you. 

Win-Win Referral Program

Cotuit Solar is a small local business where word of mouth is our leading marketing method. So, we created the referral program. This is how it works:
Each referral that goes to contract earns $350. The most referrals in the calendar year earns a $500 bonus. There is no limit on referrals. It’s a win-win! Currently, Scott & Leslie Shaw are the front runners with referrals but there is still half a year to go. Winner will be announced in January 2019!
Visit our website to easily refer a friend: Click Here

Meanwhile, here at Cotuit Solar…

We have been installing Solar on 3 churches:  2 on the Vineyard and 1 in Barnstable-what an environmental impact- these installations offset pounds of carbon that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere. That number is akin to taking so many cars off the road.
  • Nantucket installations – 6
  • Martha’s Vineyard installations – 6
  • Cape Cod Installations –36

With a total of 48 completed solar installations totaling 534kW installed since January 2018!


Positive Renewable Energy News

Isn’t it refreshing to read about good things happening? Take a moment and read about how renewables are making a big impact locally and around the good ol’ US of A.
  • U.S consumption of fossil fuels for electric power is at its lowest level since 1994, according to the Energy Information Adminstration. (EIA)

Storage Batteries vs. Generators

Many of you have been asking about storage batteries and how they compare to generators. Here is some information that may help you navigate your decision and help you sort out the way to go:


SMART transition has begun and we have been informed it will be fully implemented by August/September….

SREC II remains in effect until the DPU issues an order approving the SMART Tariffs (SMART Program Effective Date) • Facilities with capacities less than or equal to 25 kW DC that are interconnected before the SMART Program Effective Date are eligible to qualify under SREC II with an SREC Factor of 0.8

For a great article on the SMART program, click here.

Climate Change


By getting serious about limiting global warming, the world could save more than $20 trillion. (LosAngelesTimes).

Clean Energy Policy: NOW IS THE TIME

There is positive legislation moving through the MA House of Representatives right NOW!!! Please contact your state representative and urge them to lift the net metering caps and say NO to demand charges for Eversource solar customers. They are expected to reconcile these decisions in conference committee before the formal session ends on July 31. 
If you need to know who your representative is go to https://malegislature.gov/Search/FindMyLegislator  then visit  https://malegislature.gov/Legislators/Members/House for their contact information. It only takes a moment to make a call and follow up with an email.  
Please make the call and urge your state rep to improve the pending legislation by: 
 – Increasing the Renewable Portfolio Standard by 3%
 – Increase targets for storage
 – Lift the net metering caps
 – Say NO to demand charges for solar customers
For more information about  the noteworthy events happening for clean energy in our state:– https://blog.ucsusa.org/john-rogers/house-of-representatives-boosts-massachusetts-clean-energy-whats-next.
Thank you for taking the time to help secure a clean energy future!

The Cotuit Solar team wishes you a sunny summer and a fruitful rest of 2018!


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